A slang term referring to home-made crack cocaine. Most commonly said in Hawaii. Can be used as a verb or a noun.
"Ho brah u wan make some flurb?"
by Mickie Avalon November 09, 2007
a naive boy who appears about once in every physics set of problems
Flurb's heat engine operates between 329.0°C and 25.0°C, and has an efficiency of 62.0% of Carnot efficiency. If 574 J of heat go into the engine, how much work does it produce?
by 2004 December 20, 2003
a small rabid tick native to wisconscin eats a stricked diet of people, cats, antelope, taccos, raging catloafs ect.
(spoke in monotone) O dear god a raging flurb is hang off of my pumeta loaf.

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