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That little patch of hair above the brown eye that women consistently miss when manicuring the lawn.
She really takes care of her pubic hair but her attention to detail is a bit off as she still had a flurb.
by Meat Juice October 04, 2012
2 3
a naive boy who appears about once in every physics set of problems
Flurb's heat engine operates between 329.0°C and 25.0°C, and has an efficiency of 62.0% of Carnot efficiency. If 574 J of heat go into the engine, how much work does it produce?
by 2004 December 20, 2003
9 25
a small rabid tick native to wisconscin eats a stricked diet of people, cats, antelope, taccos, raging catloafs ect.
(spoke in monotone) O dear god a raging flurb is hang off of my pumeta loaf.
5 31