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Ape like female creature who uses her wares to seduce unsuspecting men into the quagmire of meaningless toxic copulations. Believed to be the spawn of sasquatch, a dirty gym sock, and your grandmothers rancid carcass. She strikes her inebriated victims while powerless under the hallucinogenic properties of her greasy sludge pot charm.

Also known as: Floonta Coont, Skank Rat, Musky Odors, Dead Bodies, and Harry Browneye
“The Fluntercunt had her way with me last night and left me itchy, smelly and stunned like a hairless swamp bear choking on the fumes.”

“Even Jesus the savior of many souls can’t clear away the shame and humiliation of a night trapped in the Fluntercunt’s sewer pipe skankhole!”
by wrathsblood June 18, 2008
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