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A very important, under-rated job. In a nut shell, it is a nutshell... Being on call 24/7, a flume technician is responsible for ensuring that the structural and watertight integrities of any and all flumes are maintained using technical equipment including duct tape, bungee cords, and clothespins (MacGyver style).

It is a booming profession. It's getting popular as well.
Jenn: What does Phil do all day? He always looks so busy but I never see him working.
Tom: Are you serious? Phil's the flume technician! Who would we call if his flume started leaking?
Jenn: But it always leaks...
Tom: EXACTLY! And he's always working on it! The lab would flood Zoltan style if he took a break.
Jenn: You have opened my eyes. How could I have been so wrong!
Phil: Hey dudes
by Thom Kr├╝se April 16, 2009
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