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A sexual act in which a male shaves his pubic hair, inserts the hairs into his partners anus, cums inside his partners anus, which is then followed out by the partner defecating out the feces, semen, and hair mixture, i.e. a fluffy puppy.
My girl asked me to make a fluffy puppy last night, but I already shaved.
by maldin31 August 11, 2014
An outlaw gang located in the far reaches of Gippsland, Originating in 2011 and now being considered one of the most terrifying gangs of all time. The name "Fluffy Puppys" is used to lure people into a false sense of security.
Those Fluffy Puppys really are scary, I didnt think anything of them from their name until I walked out of my house and my car was on blocks and siphoned.
by Da1..<3 March 23, 2012
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