Top Definition
fatshit who needs his own category bigger then XXXXXXL
Eugene is a flubb. He should be booked by FP.
by Flubba Patrol Chief September 25, 2006
an unfortunate/ugly/looks better with a bread/stupid woman
Why would anyone be friends with flubb ?
What a Flubb!
Your such a Flubb
by ghstofyoumcr December 06, 2008
a fat person who wobbles uncontrollably when they run. often referd to as amaricans because all they are capable of is sitting on their fat arses on the couch, watching porn eating a king size bag of potato chips ;D americans are noobs. so if you see one.. STAB 'EM. ;P
jesus, you should have been named "Flubbs" at birth you fat american shit ;D
by lucy-x May 29, 2008
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