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The briefest possible act of sexual intercourse. There is no "pumping" involved - just insertion, ejaculation, and withdrawal.

Although very similar physically to a "one-pump wonder," but a flu shot is different because it is a deliberate act meant to save time. A flu shot requires training to accomplish correctly. A flu shot is a valuable scheduling tool.

Men generally enjoy giving flu shots more than women enjoy receiving them, but with discipline women should be able to train their bodies to orgasm from a single flu shot.
I joined the mile high club when I gave my girlfriend a flu shot in the bathroom right before the plane landed.
by silentnomoreusa.com November 20, 2010
10 2
An important source of aluminum, necessary for the normal development of Alzheimer's, in the ever less elderly.
Not too worried about formaldehyde, mercury and aluminum, Eduardo got a flu shot, to gain a very small chance of avoiding a trivial, transient illness.
by wordschmidt March 04, 2011
4 5
When you've had enough of someone. So you take a pen and preferably stab them in the eye or somewhere else on the body.
"Man this customer wont stop fuckin' complaining about this bread. Imma give em' a flu shot!"
by McCreazy February 06, 2008
5 8