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Current WBC Welterweight champion and one of the most overrated fighters to come out in a long time. While a great defensive fighter, he has somehow been put by some in the same league as Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson. If you actually sit down and watch a Mayweather fight, what you'll end up feeling by the end is utter frustration from the lack of action. Proponents say that this exemplifies his dominance, while real fight fans will tell you that his safety first, counter punching, get on your bicycle and win on points style is bad for boxing.
Furthermore, the guy is a spoiled, arrogant, self important, ass. He actually has the audacity to declare himself the best of all time. He fails to see that the only reason his last few pay per view fights have grossed high numbers was due to the opposition bringing in giant fan bases. Arturo Gatti, Ricky Hatton and Oscar De La Hoya all brought in the large majority of their audiences while all Floyd could do to drum up interest in himself was to act like a complete jackass on HBO's 24/7 series.
Another reason to balk at his claim to being the best of all time is his lack of good opposition. In comparison, Sugar Ray Robinson had over 100 fights in his career dominating most until the late stages when he was too old to fight. Mayweather has 38 fights. And while early on he fought tough opponents like the late great Diego Corrales and Jose Luis Castillo, over the last few years the names on his resume read like a list of unknown journeymen. Phillip N'dou, Sharmba Mitchell, Henry Brusseles, Carlos Baldomir, a washed up version of Arturo Gatti, and perennial underachiever Zab Judah. Some people will point to De La Hoya as a quality opponent but this reflects an ignorance about the sport. De La Hoya of 8 years ago may have been a good fight, but the current version of De La Hoya has lost 4 or his last 5 fights and is clearly on the downside of his career. But since he is still a financial draw people mistake him as a great fighter.
In reality the Mayweather phenomenon is more of a mirage. His management has consistently matched him against "name" fighters on the downside like Gatti and De La Hoya to pad his record while avoiding the tough fights, like the Miguel Cotto's and Antonio Margarito's. This has created a small but fanatical fanbase who will argue with you about Floyd till the bar closes down, that he is the best and doesnt need to fight anyone to prove himself. This logic contradicts itself and is typical of doublethinking Mayweather fans. The reality is that Mayweather is only interested in the "fights" that will make him the most money. And due to his overly defensive, running, counterpunching style, he has a very strong chance at winning most of his fights on points. If you like boxing the way its fought in the amateurs, then he is your man. If you like boxing as done in the professional ranks where the guys actually fight each other, then I suggest you watch the Rafael Marquez/Israel Vazquez trilogy or the Manny Pacquiao/Juan Manuel Marquez fights. All these fighters have just as much skill as Mayweather, the only difference is their actually there to fight.
Floyd Mayweather Jr. being interviewed by ESPN:

Espn: Floyd many say you need to fight Miguel Cotto to prove your the best welterweight in the world.
Floyd: Miguel Cotto??? (incredulously) who has he beat?
Espn: everyone he's fought, most of them by k.o
Floyd: I dont need him, he need me. Im the best ever, he's not worthy. Like I said before, Floyd is the best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be. Period.
Espn: so what are you gonna do next Floyd?
Floyd: Dancing with the stars. Look out Mario Lopez, Im comin' for you!!
Espn: Ummmmm, okaaaaaaay...
by You dont need to know me March 29, 2008
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