Florence, South Carolina. Holla!
Did you see Twirkmaster Teapot in Flotown?
by Banghead November 09, 2003
Top Definition
North Alabama slang for Florence, Alabama.
Flotown now has Sunday alcohol sales and has entered the 21st century.
by Duckbutt August 01, 2005
Another name for the city of Florence, Alabama.
Usually heard alot around the East & West Side of Florence in the surrounding cities and towns.
Boy1: Aye boii you ready to head up to flotown?
Boy2: Hell yea!
by YoFloTownGirl December 18, 2012
Another name for Florence Wisconsin
"I went to flotown today"

" Flotown has the best 4th of july firework shows I've ever saw"

" Montgomery lake is the funnest place to fish in Florence"
by someone in florence July 31, 2006
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