When a guy is having sex with a chick and his buddy is hiding in a closet with a camera. Once the guy having sex yells, "Gotcha!" he hooks his finger in her mouth like shes a fish and his buddy pops out of the closet and takes a picture.
Last night i pulled the Florida Marlin on my now ex-girlfriend.
by Rush, a.k.a. Rabbit July 15, 2008
Top Definition
A team that beat the yankees in 6, thank god.
Ma, the Florida Marlins kicked yankee ass in 2003.
by Zach G. October 27, 2003
A Major League baseball team based in Miami, known for consistently having a talented minor league system, which helped them win two world championships in their first eleven seasons. The New York Yankees, by comparison, are known for consistently relying on aging/injury-prone/otherwise in-decline players at high prices, and took twenty years to win their first title.
And God looked upon the fish, and he saw that it was good.
by * January 12, 2005
The World Series Kings. Never lost a world series even though they have been to only two. Hard to hate but hard to love.
Damn, The Florida Marlins are looking good so far. If they make it to the World Series they are gonna win.
by Mr.Stanifer May 05, 2008
Taking a crap on the back of a chick and then forming it into a Marlin's Fin. After you are finished sculpting you stick her from behind.
To perform a Florida Marlin, Poop on back, shape fin, and tap ass
by Bob Shelofton October 05, 2005
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