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Land of many old people.
WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT???Whadyahsay, sonny?
by Zach G. October 28, 2003
A overrated, hot, hellhole of a state. Filled with Cubans who don't always speak English. In the Northern part it is full of rednecks who also can't speak English that well.
Guy-Hey I went to Florida.

Guy2-Which part?


Guy2-Oh, so you basically went to Cuba?

Guy-Yeah, pretty much.
by IamGlove June 12, 2011
One of the worst possible places to live in the world. There is not much to do. You can't really go outdoors because its so hot and sunny that if you step outside for ten minutes you get a heat stroke. it sucks to go to the beach during the day because the sun burns like frekin hell. There are no mountains or anything nice. And yet all the retards from up north crowd it like crazy.
by hiiiippl April 22, 2011
The land of Old People, Orange Juice, and Death Metal
-Hey Kevin we should go on a road trip to Florida
-Oh hell yea well go annoy old people, drink some O.J. and see some Death Metal shows
by MattBongwater March 02, 2011
Florida is actually not a bad place if you live in one of the right areas. These places are usually on the southern half of the gulf coast and east coast.

While there are many stupid rednecks in the "southern" part, which is actually the northern area of Florida, everyone who lives here is not stupid. I happen to live about a mile away from the one of the best public high schools in the nation.
"You live in Bellair, Florida ? You must drive a Maserati then."
by Katettttt April 08, 2006
A straightforward, evenhanded review from a Floridian:

Hi, I'm 29 and have lived in Florida my whole life. Here's what this state is like:

Florida is flat, hot, tropical, with beaches wrapped around. It's mostly summertime here, with "cooler" months between November and March. Expect temperatures between 35-75 during that time of the year, and it will still get pretty warm on some days.

Florida is home to some pretty big colleges: USF, UNF, UCF, FSU, and UF, all of whom have about 30k or more students. The crowd you experience depends on where you go: city people in Tampa and Orlando, youngsters near campus areas, Miami is Havana, Jacksonville is a big beach town, and many small quiet places.

It does not have the mountainous terrain that other places have, Florida is best for beach and city life. There are many people here with college and some career opportunities, however, it does not have the seasonal, outdoorsy life that some enjoy in places like NC, NH, and CO. Floridians generally live slow here, it is not the fast-paced Mid-Atlantic life that some like.
Florida is a nice place for certain people.
by rick1134 November 15, 2011
The only place you can get your drivers license from the back of a box of Caption Crunch.
Yes, its my 16th birthday! Im gunna go get my florida drivers license now.

*cuts it out of a cereal box*
by Ezgamer January 08, 2006