The 27th State and sounthernmost stae. Has the best taxes, people, fishing, weather, produce, and evertythign else. Has everyt type of weather, except for snow, has every tyep of land, and everything else. The most best and diverse stste in the union. Florida also has the best roads in the nation.
I love Florida, it's the BEST!
by EJ Rankin February 08, 2004
Land of many old people.
WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT???Whadyahsay, sonny?
by Zach G. October 28, 2003
A straightforward, evenhanded review from a Floridian:

Hi, I'm 29 and have lived in Florida my whole life. Here's what this state is like:

Florida is flat, hot, tropical, with beaches wrapped around. It's mostly summertime here, with "cooler" months between November and March. Expect temperatures between 35-75 during that time of the year, and it will still get pretty warm on some days.

Florida is home to some pretty big colleges: USF, UNF, UCF, FSU, and UF, all of whom have about 30k or more students. The crowd you experience depends on where you go: city people in Tampa and Orlando, youngsters near campus areas, Miami is Havana, Jacksonville is a big beach town, and many small quiet places.

It does not have the mountainous terrain that other places have, Florida is best for beach and city life. There are many people here with college and some career opportunities, however, it does not have the seasonal, outdoorsy life that some enjoy in places like NC, NH, and CO. Floridians generally live slow here, it is not the fast-paced Mid-Atlantic life that some like.
Florida is a nice place for certain people.
by rick1134 November 15, 2011
Acronym: Fuckin' Lazy Old Retired Individuals Driving Around
"Man, this guy in front of me is soooooo Florida..."
by JT Nightwolf December 31, 2013
The land of Old People, Orange Juice, and Death Metal
-Hey Kevin we should go on a road trip to Florida
-Oh hell yea well go annoy old people, drink some O.J. and see some Death Metal shows
by MattBongwater March 02, 2011
Also known as the Sunshine state because of its year round warm weather, florida is a great place to live. It's a pretty common stereotype that florida is filled with snowbirds and old people and that is 100% true. The old people are known for driving 20-30 miles under the speed limit and causing careless car accidents however on the plus side if an old person hits you it's very unlikely anyone will be seriously injured or killed and your car will probably have very little damage because old people don't usually go over 20 mph so you're good. The term "snowbirds" refer to the northerners that visit florida and they wear shorts and sit outside tanning when it's 60 degrees out while the floridians are inside bundled up with the heater on. In florida we get hurricanes all the time and they don't scare us unless their high categories. In fact hurricanes are welcomed because it's a good excuse to have a day off and hurricane parties are pretty typical down here. The weather in florida is extremely bipolar it's typical for it to pour really hard for 2 minutes and then have completely clear skies minutes later. Winter doesn't really exist in florida especially in south florida where it will occasionally get below 60 during the day in the winter time but other than that it's pretty much warm year round, Floridians consider below 60 to be freezing and we start bringing out the winter coats and uggs when it gets to that temperature.
The old people in Florida can't drive to save their lives!
by Awesomenessbruhh February 16, 2015
To penetrate a girl who is on her period.
ummm Flo Rida....Awkard.
by Sammond December 07, 2011
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