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the crunkest,realest,hardest,ghettoest state. tampa is the capital 813 run thangs down hur. tru floridians are da shit yall anint got nothin on us. it may be some old peple down here but the rest of us are 13-23 you neva been to da tru south till you get to tampa you can tell but da way we talk we from florida. there is some fine ass gurls down here and i love florida off da real
florida is the shit!
by ahjah February 20, 2007
for "i fucking hate florida" just a few words to you, I was born in, and have lived in Broward my whole life. Ive also been to ny cali chicago baltimore and a lot of other metros, Broward has about 3-4 metros and youd get your ass kicked and raped in all of them ill even make a bet with you. Walk through Collier City,Any of the Lauderdales or Lauderhills,Central/Southwest/North central Hollywood,East Davie,Plantation(notoriously PlanHatian)Mirimar,The 3SP area of Hollywood/Hallandale(30StoryProjects). If you come out alive and without any gunshots or ice pick wounds youll win 10dollars, you fuckin hater
That guy in a Central Hollywood"suburb"
1. Ifuckinghateflorida"Man Floridas a bitch ass place and browards a soft suburb"
2. The Soft Broward Crack Dealer at the corner"What the fuck you say you little bitch ass soft ass nark ass trick cock blockin hater ass lickin quier monkey you bout to get fucked up in a broward crack house"
My Boy Trillo and D"(Punch ,Punch,Punch,Punch,Stab,Stab,Stab,Kick"Ay get that mofos wallet,stab stab stab, gunshot repeated 11 times, "yea say browards all wannabe again you fuckin soft nark"
by Hollywood's only White Boy January 06, 2005
One of Florida's best up and coming rappers. First, made news once he droped his smash hit "Birthday." He is currently signed to Rick Ross' label, Carol City Cartels (Tripple C's or CCC). His name is pronounced "Flow-Rydah" but is obviously a play on the word Florida. Along with Rick Ross, Plies, and Brisco, Flo-Rida is putting Carol City and Florida on the map in a big way.
Flo-Rida, "Birthday": "I don't want no cake on my birthday, I wan't cake everyday!"
by Take_Notes June 26, 2007
1. Also known as the Sunshine State (despite tons of rain and flooding), the Crappiest State in the U.S., which suffers massive tourism, snowbirds who can't drive, college students who can't drive, and inconsiderate people who are just waiting to say hello to you and stab you in the back.

2. The State of Misery.

3. Anything that is the subject of one's disapproval, hatred or misery.

4. A state where people don't know the difference between Bush and Gore.
1. My grandparents are going to Florida to vacation the next six weeks.

2. Man... I hate this shit. This place is so... Florida.

3. (Someone pulls out in front of you in the road.) Hey... that bastard mothafucka just pulled a Florida on me!

4. I didn't know what to vote, so I voted Florida (I don't know, I think it was Gore... he's the Republican, right?)
Greatest rapper alive; main reason hip-hop is on the way back.
Hits by Flo-Rida;

"Apple bottom jeans (jeans,) boots with the fur (with the fur), the whole club was lookin' at her, she hit the floor (she hit the floor), next thang you know, shawty got low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low."

"She's stuck on my ela-elavator."

"Oh hot damn, this is my jam, keep me partyin' to the a.m, yall don't understand, make me throw my hands in the ayer, ay-ayer, ayer, ay-ayer."

"You spin my head right round, right round, when you go down, when you go down down."
by Nonaaa! April 03, 2009
Florida is the worst state in the US. It is a state full of gutless young and old people. The people can't drive for shit, and Florida has the 2nd highest car crash rating in the US. Also, one of Florida's number one exports is dead people. Yes, dead people; from the old people who retire and die here, and want to get buried back in hometown. Btw, I live there, so I know what I'm talking about.
Lake Brantley High School, Florida
by Shostakovich November 19, 2005
a hot bad-ass rapper whose hip-hop songs attract middle-aged petite white girls because of the "Hooked on Classics" hook and the "Riverdance" beat
Flo Rida is one hot Iwish dawg
by knitwitted March 07, 2010