the state located at the south east end of america. known for drug dealing,disney,miami,oralando. south side bloods and crips reside there the crips currently own most teritory.
florida is da crunkest state aside form NY.
by bongtokincrip October 10, 2006
The Sunshine State. A southern state that contains major concentrations of hicks in the north, elderly Jews in the south, and areas of other great concentrations of certain groups. Florida is heavily populated in the east, and quiet in the west. Tampa may possiby be the most dangerous city in the nation, but crime is high throughout the state. The state is known for being a haven for vacationers, the starting point for most of the nation's drugs, and always having warm conditions (yet often rainey).
I have no opinion on Florida.
by Not so super DJ Gennady March 06, 2003
There's three things you'll find in Florida: golf, old people, and bad weather.
Florida should be called "Hell with Humidity".
by the cold hard bitch August 04, 2012
Not cool. Not even somewhat, no matter how hard you try to convince yourself and other people. A place where people go to die amongst other dead old people. Stay away at all costs. If the heat and humidity doesn't get you, the annoying people will.
Eric is always telling me how great Florida is despite it being a total shithole. Who's he trying to fool?

Eric told Sally that she should move to Florida because it has the nicest weather. He must really like melting skin and pop-sweats in winter.
by Viking MaGoo February 23, 2012
A state that frequently gets covered by hurricanes and is effectively doomed to midget houses so theres not TOO much damage. Claimed by the Spanish in 1513 and the dude who found it named it the dumbest name for a state, "Flowery" which is Florida in Spanish.
DUDE, who names a state flowery!? What a dumbass name..... Florida..... dumbass....
by OmegaAfroGamer2 January 13, 2011
A state in the Southeastern United States.

Some prime facts:
1. Residents of the state think they own the rest of the nation.
2. Residents of the state who drive think they own all the roadways and do whatever on it as they wish.
3. This state is the port state of illegal immigrants, as like Texas and California. Only, this one is by marine transport.
4. It is America's Wang.
New Yorker: Hey I'm trying to get to work here.
Floridian: Fuck you I'm gonna keep switching lanes until you get offa my highway bitch.
New Yorker: Go back to fucking Florida and keep your immigrants there too.
** Floridian pulls out a gun and yells a random threat phrase in Spanish or something and shoots the tires. **

Storyteller: And folks, these things fucking happen anywhere.
by お疲れ様でした‮ November 20, 2010
Southeastern State recently ravaged by 4 different hurricanes in 2 months. In my opinion great place to vacation, but sucky place to live. (Before you start getting mad at me saying that Florida sucks, let me tell you that I LIVE in Pensacola.)
Florida, Hick in the north, Hispanic in the south
by B-Mac January 21, 2005
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