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Land area in southern Florida over 4,300 square miles large (3 times the size of Rhode Island). Home to the famous Florida prairies, dotted with swamps, lakes, and hammocks. Over 300 species of birds live here, along with 43 species of mosquitoes (13 biting species). Biome is Tropical Grassland, with hot humid summers, and mild humid winters. Spectacular thunderstorms sweep over the area from spring to fall due to the convergence of Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean air masses over interior Florida. Very few towns exist within the Everglades, including Ochopee (home to world's smallest post office), Flamingo, Miccosukee Indian Reserve, Belle Glade, South Bay, Goodland, Everglades City, and Chockoloskee to name the major ones. Hurricanes ravage the area every decade or less, and are responsible for the demise of the Okeechobee south shore development boom of the early 20th century. A beautiful area for it's wild life, land, Indian culture, ghost towns, and erratic weather.
"The Florida Everglades is one of the most unique areas in the United States, as it is the only tropical grassland in the country with a wide array of animals and land forms."
by ConfederateFlorida September 23, 2009
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