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A small suburban town in North Jersey (actually it's a borough) home to a lot of cool kids, some hot girls, and annoying ass parents. Holy Family, awesome kids, evil fucking teachers. Also refered to as Flo Po or FPNJ.Also home to some pretty awesome bands (bob saget's and Crazy James. I love my town and some surrounding towns can go to hell (east hanover which is GUIDO central, and they can all suck my wang) Easy going place, very nice looking suburb, no one knows about it, and it doesnt get the respect it deserves. WE HAVE A FUCKING ROLLER RINK TOO!!
Speedy Mart
The Movie Store
a pretty sweet Macdonalds
by Mike Carrington January 09, 2005
A borough in Morris county, New Jersey; a suburb of God knows where, its just some random suburb. The town can be described as nothing. It's a boring place. According to wikipedia, it's 7.4 square miles, that means it's 7.4 sqare miles of houses, thats all there is in this town, houses, with the exception of 4 strip malls and a McDonald's along Columbia Turnpike which make up some kind of pathetic excuse for a downtown.

Considered a "rich town" by some places, becoming richer as typical 60's/70's suburb style homes are demolished and replaced with very large houses, in many cases filling almost the entire lot. This looks odd as these houses do not at all fit in with the size and/or style of pretty much all houses surrounding them. Nobody seems to care, they build them anyway.

Home to "The Little Red School House," Holy Family, Ridgedale Middle School, The Florham Park Roller Rink, some sports fields, an NJ-24 entrance/exit ramp (which takes you to I-78 or I-287)and the New York Jets Summer Training Camp. Area code 07932-google earth it.
Person in Florham Park, NJ: "Get me out of here!!!"
Rest of the world: "(No Response)"
by Jack Dunlevy February 28, 2007
A fricken awesome town in New Jersey. Lots of hot girls and of course hot boys. For all of you in East Hanover thinking that your better than us, you should probably shut up!
That girls hot... duhh she's from Florham Park, NJ
by Florham Park<33 December 24, 2010
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