A small town in Nassau county. If you don't know where that is, it's by garden city. Floral park consists of goths, druggies, alcoholics, and faggots. The kids in floral park have a population of most black and Indians. The town is known for underage drinking. They think they are good at lax but they all suck and are fat.
Garden city girl: EW what is that girl wearing?!?'
Garden city girl number 2: I don't know, but she looks poop, must be from floral park.
by Anonymous smith January 21, 2013
Come on now all you cool Floral Park Village rats, stop spending your time in computer class in what you call a high school and recognize how lucky you are to have the coolest band of crime fighters in America saving your asses from the animals in South Flo Po and Elmont on a daily basis. It is only because of these modern-day Marvel heroes that you can even walk the streets at night without having your iPods and expensive mommy-bought cellphones grabbed from your manicured (even you boys) fingers by your neighbors from the south! Flo PoLICE are the men!
Floral Park cops are the best in the world!
by Rob K, Esq. January 03, 2008
a town full of a of teen s who think there invincible or think god doesn't exist or there all so rebellious even though there in there own group and its also full of obama loving fanatics and commies and kids who don't care if a north Korean nuke is pointed at their country and if i had the chance i would take a Kalashnikov and kill them all. and there's more they think twilight is actual piece of literature and war and peace is to long to read they also take their American freedoms for granted and think acting black will get rid of there white skin and the same thing goes to the so called women and whores in the town also the school is full of white kids who wont stand up against the niggers and spics also dbags who are bunch pieces of living human shit
B:oh I'm going to floral park Sunday

C:really bring a cyanide capsule if it gets bad
by wn1488zh August 15, 2009
The lamest town ever.
Takes pride in being a green town.
The town animal is a squirrel, and the town tree is a maple.
Those from other areas think its the shiz, but no one really knows why. Bc its not.
Lots of people smoke. Lots of people are emo. And some are ghetto. and i am a wigga.
Dont come to Floral Park bc we'll shoot you.
by KTrain and BR July 19, 2005
A boring town where next to getting your haircut, the highlight of your satuday night will almost always be a trip to Duncan Donuts where a discussion of "whose car is faster?" will be the most exciting topic.
(a bunch of kids driving aimlessly around Floral Park in a car at 2am) where should we go? i dont know, whereever. yeah wherever. i dont care. well give me a destination! i don't know. anyone hungry? not really. i have no money. yeah lets just drive. i don't want to waste gas. okay, well then i guess we can just go to dunkin...
by johnny mcdougal March 11, 2008
a horrible little town that shouldn't exist. floral park is one of the most dumb, stupid and boring places on earth. everyone that lives there is extremly two-faced. this wouldn't be too bad but the sad thing is that they all deny being two-faced.the girls are sneaky hoe bags and the dudes are emos and wanna be gangsters. they all put themselves on a high horse because they think they are better than everyone else because they live on long island, when in reality.....they don't."flo po" should be taken off the map.
"omg you guys, we're so cool because we're from floral park! all we do it drink and get high. we're almost as retarted as real long island kids!!"
by jackie-ooo August 05, 2007
a town with a bunch of horrible kids, they're all grimy. most of them wont get anywhere in life. especially the little girls who walk around town and pretend to be drunk and think they live in the OC, oh wait they dont think that anymore because it isn't the latest trend.its also full of kids who think they're tough and live in the ghetto. they have no lives and just sit in "the square" or wendys drunk and/or high.
kid#1:what do the kids in floral park do?
kid#2: drugs, duh.
by you guys are bad August 24, 2006
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