The gateway to Long Island, that's right Long Island(anyone who says it's Queens can pay our property taxes and eat shit.) Floral Park is where it all starts, however, being on the border of Queens, gives us a bad rap. Understandable, but the people from the Nassau side are much classier, and we dress way better. Yes, we enjoy drinking, and yes we enjoy sparking a dooby now and then. We go to schools that are just as good as the kids from the other town that references plants in it's name. Both of my parents went to college, we drive Volvos, and, live in half million to million dollar homes. Floral Park Memorial High school sends people to Brown, Yale, Harvard, Princeton, NYU, Villanova, the list goes on... We have the highest paid police in the county. People who live in Floral Park have a very nice quality of life.s It is not cheap to live there, we choose to live there, our property taxes are through the roof, and we pay very high taxes. So next time somone says you live in Queens tell them to fuck off!!!
Where are you from?

Long Island

Oh me too, where?

Floral Park

Isn't that queens

No shithead actually it's not!
by jgc89898 September 23, 2008
Floral Park is one of the gratest towns to lve in. If you love to drink and get fucking high, Floral park is the place to be. All of the kids in Floral Park start driking at approximatly the age of 12, and drugs arent that far behind. Wether you drink in a buddy's yard, the streets, a party, the school bleachers, the sump, or the cove, you WILL find a place to get absolutly tanked. No doubt in my mind Floral Park kids would absolutly rape kids from any other town in drinking. Now being in college i finally realized what Floral Park has done for me, it taught me how to drink, nobody can or ver will outdrink me here in collge, all thanks to Floral Park. Greatest place on earth.
Kid 1- Wanna get drunk?
Kid 2-(slaps kid 1 across the face) is that a fucking question? We live in Floral Park...asshole
by BriCT November 15, 2007
Floral Park
as much as all of you may hate that small mile by a mile universe that contains a little over 15,000 residents your fate determines that you too will raise your abercrombie wearing children here. you will inevitably drive a mini van with a sticker that says lax on it. and you will plan block parties. you will smoke pot with your friends even when you are 50 in your backyard. you will let your kids drink with their friends in your basement because that's what your parents and your friends parents allowed for will go to the bars uptown no matter how old and grey you get. no matter where i go or who i encounter i realize there is no place like floral park. the people are distinctive from the rest of the long island jappy crowd. i consider myself lucky to be raised in such a sheltered community. granted the drugs and drinking are a tad insane i believe it is a great place to raise a child, and you should too! so dont make fun because you will end up there, probably in the same house you grew up in. i for one can't wait to drive around that boring town and see annette and all the locals, everywhere else changes, floral park doesnt.
Floral Park, is like no other place in the world. You'll learn to appreciate it.
by Katie A. McCabe December 10, 2006
town on Long Island where the only two things you can get accomplished are:
1) getting drunk
2) getting a manicure

(and i dont mean that in a bad way!)
floral park town layout:
5 bars and 3 nail salons in a 2 block strip
playing the one mile radius game is just impossible.. scholars lost these facts back in the 60's)
by Jameson Fallon McCarthy November 08, 2006
A nice suburban, upper-middle class neighborhood. Half of Floral Park belongs to Nassau County and the other half belongs to Queens. Floral Park is also home to the best bakery on Long Island, Buttercooky Bakery.
I'm looking for a home in a nice upper-middle class neighborhood in close proximity to the city. Any suggestions?

Yeah, try looking in Floral Park.
by karma12 March 23, 2010
Best town in the history of Earth. Drinking all day and all night. Have the best place on Earth in the heart of the town, Belmont Park/Racetrack. Floral Park Memorial High School as of 2008-2009 school year was rated top 50 high schools in the country, including private schools. Great athletes, great scholars, while managing to drink 5 days a week in the summer and basically the same during the winter. Have a mix of every kind of person you can possibly imagine but in the end, all Floral Parkers.
typical day in floral park, go to belmont, get your afternoon/evening going right, lose 20 bucks on the ponies, get angry after that so you drink more, walk over the racetrack illegally so u dont have to walk around, go straight to town where you will start at any of the bars and end up going to all of them to find the crowd, do some drugs afterwards, taxi home
by 50 beer king May 25, 2009
A small town on the border of Nassau & Queens. Drinking is a favorite past time of residents of all ages. You can spot the newer residents (past 20 years) & asshole residents because their favorite thing is to complain about taxes. And act As if paying taxes buys them privilege.Even those who are still living with Mommy & Daddy love to bitch about taxes as if they are the only town on LI who pay. Also you can easliy spot a Floral Park resident because after a few beers they will be telling stories about what great athletes they were and how they just missed playing pro ball but now they tell of their greatness on the softball field. Also Floral Park residents love black culture (ie hip hop, black fashion) but are extremely racist
I'll park where ever I please in Floral Park. Do you know how much I pay in taxes
Dude you know I could have gone pro after my senior year at Floral Park Memorial I just partied too much
by Flo freedom April 27, 2011
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