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A proposal with potential for failure on a grand scale.
Did Jason ask you to invest in his imitation hummus business? It sounded like like the flopportunity of a lifetime.
by Tfitzg October 18, 2013
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A flopportunity is an opportunity that was passed up or ruined.
I can't believe Shauna didn't apply for Harvard even when she knows half of the board! What a total flopportunity.
by lambdaradiation October 28, 2013
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Any given situation where the removal of one's penis from it's owner's pants and/or shorts is an appropriate course of action.
Friend: Hey, so did you really show Stacy your throbber yesterday?

You: Yeah man, I saw my flopportunity, and I seized it. And then so did she.
by Jimminster July 07, 2012
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an opportune situation to take one's penis out
While his date was in the bathroom freshening up, Patrick decided to seize the flopportunity to show her what he's working with.
by adnasty March 12, 2012
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