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-someone who hurts so absolutely bad that you can't even stand to look at them without wanting to jab them in the eyes with the clue knife repeatedly
ernest: guys stop shooting cats with bottle rockets, that's disrespectful!

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater: quit being such a flopdick

Alex Trebek: ooooh Faced!
by Mr. Deez April 13, 2005
A person who is lazy or incompetent at a job or task.
That flopdick at the DMV messed up my registration.
by yoholoho February 08, 2011
A man who doesn't live up to their responsibilites.
Russell didn't pay his chid support this week. What a flop dick.
by Pamela Ambrose January 11, 2007
A term to describe someone who chooses not do something, without reason.
Bro we're almost to the party you can't flop dick on me now!
by CommiCopter April 13, 2012