Flōr-bîr- a nickname given to any individual who happens to slip in beer that has been spilled on the floor while crushing beer cans
After Floor-beer fell in the puddle of alcohol on the floor, he continued to role around a complete his task of absorbing the leftover beer.
by Supernerd1215 July 11, 2009
Top Definition
1.(n)An unfinished beer that someone discarded on the street in an upright and still usable position.

2.(v)The act of strolling crowded streets getting drunk off such beers.
1. I assumed that the cold, frothy lager was a most excellent of floor beers, until it's owner careened out of the bar howling obscenities at me.

2. Floor beering is a fun, free, easy way to drink yourself under the table, but one must be wary of beers that have doubled as ashtrays.
by soopafukka April 27, 2009
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