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a) The most delicious snack food ever. It's especially great for parties! It's very simple to prepare as well. All you need to do is:

1) Buy a bag of pretzels.
2) Set them down at the party long enough to have played a few rounds of your favorite drinking game.
3) Open the bag of pretzels and begin to eat them, after a set amount of time one of your drunken friends will knock them from your hands and THERE YOU HAVE IT! Delicious Floor Pretzels!

b) A bitch to clean up in the morning... you may even need foot brooms
Bob: Hey these are great! What are they?
Jennifer: They're floor pretzels!
Bob: 5-second rule I always say!

(The day after the party)
Stuart: Ah, damnit! Looks like we had floor pretzels last night!
Jeff: Looks like we should break out the foot brooms I guess...
by Rabid Spider Monkey February 15, 2010
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