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Showin' off or acting like you got something but you don't . (Chi-Raq Slang)
Marshawn : Bro, just got the new J's that came out !

Derrick: Man , stop Floggin' you know you ain't got them so what is you talkin' 'bout ?

Marshawn : A man can dream , can't he ?
by You Mean October 18, 2013
The act of tearing open assholes via PS3 first-person-shooter, usually as a team of at least 2 bros.
"Yo start floggin' I'll be on after I bust" - Bro #1
"Word, send me an invite when your on" - Bro #2
*ring ring*
"Yo you floggin'?" - Bro #3
"Yea dawg, I'm carryin da team on muh back doe" -Bro #2
"Wit a broken leg?" - Bro #3
"Yeaaaaaaa buddy" - Bro #2
by bryanbrochill February 28, 2011

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