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Having made poor choices and being unable to cope with the decisions you have made, incapable of making the choices necessary to ameliorate your situation.
Blake: Mike, do you know that we found your friend Moira asleep on the couch with her pants at her ankles, hand in her underwear, groaning?

Mike: Yeah, dude, she's flod.
by M. Dizzy April 01, 2006
A mixture of the word flid and the word spod.
As mentioned in Peep Show Series 4.
Mark is such a flod!
by PierreVanHooijdank May 14, 2007
The most perfect cube of fat

(Not to be mistaken by imitators "Blod" and "Grod")
You can bounce it round the house,
You can wear it as a hat
You can show it to your dad,
You can drop it on your cat!

It's Flod, (Flod!)
It's Flod! (Flod!)
The most perfect cube of fat!
by Sultan February 02, 2005
The strings of a banana peel.
This banana peel has very few flods.
by Chiquita Banana Inc. April 30, 2009
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