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One whom follows the crowd and trends, but is non-conformist.
"Why is she so different? She hangs out with us and stuff, but she just doesn't fit in."

"Well, I guess she's just a flish."
by Cheerfulhope December 03, 2007
cool, fresh, new, hott
megan; look at these cool new kicks of mine.
jessica; yo man, those are way flish.
by Jessica August 30, 2004
Someone that resembles a Flee and a Fish combined
See's a Flish and shout OI. . YOU. . FLISH!
by Hilariously Twisted October 07, 2010
Poker term: when you put that idiot all in on his flush draw, he calls with one card to go, and he catches: equally applicable to any desperate and lucky river draw in Holdem
That stupid donkey beat my aces with a flish!
by Memphis Mike May 25, 2006
an insult meaning somewhere between a fish and a flid.
sam: dude your a freekin flish
dan: whatever man your a flish
by dan rees April 23, 2006

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