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When one bro flirts with another bro which inevitably leads to furious circle jerking. Concluding in one bro cumming onto the other bro.
Guy 1:"Dude you look hella swole today."
Guy 2:"Thanks bro, I was flexin dem gluts in da mirror at the gym"
*Guy 1 risks a peek at dem gluts and inevitably gets a rager*
*Guy 2 notices the rager and tentatively reaches for it.*
*Guy 1 gulps loudly from nervousness and grips both of their balls tearaway pants off.*
*Guy 2 looks adoringly into Guy 1's eyes and says "We finally doin dis bro?"

Guy 1: "Sometimes it be like dis doe."
*In unison they say* "Let the flirt 'n squirt commence
-Written by Skull
by CaputoAlonzo March 23, 2014
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