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the act of removing your nipples then doing a bad ass flip
yo jimmy fucking flippled off the grand canyon!
by brycerox May 18, 2007
7 5
The opposite of erect nipples. When one has flat nipples

Fl(at) - (n)ipples = Flipples
"My word Sharon, how can you still have Flipples? Im so cold, it looks likes i'm smuggling brazil nuts under here!"
by Panons January 16, 2007
6 0
nipples so long they look fingers
Tina's flipples were so long she got nicknamed "utters".
by pikiko June 21, 2011
2 0
Inverted nipple, indentes nipple instead of it pointing outwards
It's a motherfucking flipple. You don't need an example.

by Flipple June 12, 2014
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