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Liverpudlian word for a five pound note.
"Lend us a flim"
by Lee Tatlock February 05, 2004
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(1)one who becomes overly attached to one person in a romantic way; (2)one who romanticly wants another with whom they will not be; (3)one who wishes to date an ex but not get the opportunity to do so; (4)one who again has feelings towoard an old romantic intrest in a subconscious effort to gain attention or have some one to love.
Rose is such a flim for John; she keeps holding out hope when it will not happen.
by JAP July 26, 2003
The opposite of a MILF. A Fucking Loathsome Ill-bred Mother.
I drove through the trailer park the other day, there were FLIMs everywhere.
by Chuck52 June 04, 2005
used in caribbean patois when talking about the film to a camera!!

"when ya ga wash de flim gyal"
(when are you getting your film developed)
by Afroteezzy June 13, 2006
An uncool or unsavory person. Can apply to anyone the speaker does not like. Synonyms are "douchebag," "tool," "chode," "dickwad," etc.
I went to the bowling alley, but it was filled with hipster flims.
by NormalsLife December 08, 2008
To be of small quantity. Minute in size compared with other things of the same nature.
Originate from the depths of the stoner comunity in North Wales. used esp. by those that got skanked often by their dealers.
Shit man, thats a well flim deal!
His dick is well flim!
Dude sort us a flim bit on that doob!?
Flimhead! - to be small minded
by Buck March 14, 2005
That nasty mucusy stuff attached to your tonsils when you get a sore throat
"Awe, man! My throat's at it again!"
"Flim again?"
"Yea...I'll have another cough drop before bed."
by Ru297 May 25, 2013

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