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Much like "flicking the bean" in the sense that it is a condition which afflicts many sufferers of OCD, nymphs of the female variety, pubescent females, and millions of undersexed women from around the world. Those who flick the fava had once started off by flicking their bean. Gradually and after much time has been put in to much vigorous flicking, the bean becomes enflamed to the point that it resembles a fava, and in extreme cases, very small male genitalia.
Higz: Has anyone else noticed the huge camel toe Saba is sporting in her latest swimwear photos?

Pax: Gday mate. I reckon Saba has been flicking the fava non-stop since you sent her your cock pics. Either that, or Saba actually has a dick...?
by Higzy November 25, 2010
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