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Basically another word for a root beer float.
Cream soda float, root beer float is what a flibbet is.
by Damned Danielle August 11, 2010
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The sound an old womans piss flaps make as she is pissing
Flibbet wow your nan must be taking a piss.
by Mad Mike S February 18, 2014
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Pressing face to flesh and exhaling sharply, creating the audible equivalent of a wet fart. Also known as a zerbert. A fun and gentle way to torture your kids.
<Dad> I'm coming to give you a flibbet!
<Kid> No! No! No!
<Dad> Here I come!
<Kid> No! <starts running away>
<Dad> I'm gonna get you! <runs after kid>
<a chase ensues, Dad catches the Kid, picks him up, presses his face to the kid's belly and blows.>
<Kid> Ha ha ha ha ha!
<Dad> Heh heh! I got you!
by Anonymous Bernheim February 01, 2005
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