Hitting/Flirtting on a Girl/Guy via text message.
Mannn, I was flexing so hard on the chick last night with my new blackberry.
#flexin #flirt #flirting #hit #hitting
by Bryce Barrett February 08, 2011
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Flexin is when you show off the stuff you got
Marcus : cuz i got these tuff rims on tha chevy

Jamal : you needa stop flexin
#flexin #showing #off #waka #flocka #flame
by Dboii April 23, 2010
showin off shit to make ur broke ass look like u got money
damn is that that nigga jermaine flexin his dollar tree chain that dude know hes broke
#show off #broke #soulja boy #crack head #jewelery
by dezzydagreat August 06, 2010
to show off, as in flexing ones muscles.
"dat foo bout ta get jacked flexin dat joorey"(jewelry)
by hazzi January 11, 2003
1.)To show off or showboat muscles or materialistic goods.
2.)To lie
1.) I can't stand Mike, he's always flexin his muscles.
2.) Jacob: I got a whip on 24's.

Tina: For real?

Jacob's friend: That dude flexin'. He has a used Geo.
#liar #flashy #muscles #showboat #fake
by Sweetness7 August 26, 2009
flexin means- trippin' lying, being fake
john: "man u know i hung out with lil wayne"?
nick: "nigga u flexin u aint do that"
#lying #trippin #fake #juicy #girls
by datrealnigga July 14, 2009
Stepping up to someone like you wanna throw down and fight.
"You flexin' fool, you flexin'?!!!"
by zacho January 09, 2003
A d.j. delivering a proper set on the turntables. We're "flexin" tonight.
by Anonymous September 19, 2003
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