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Verb: "The intention of having sexual intercourse with the opposite sex, purely for pleasure and with no post-sex intention for a relationship"
Dude(1): That chicks pretty dyno!
Dude(2): Yeah man id definitely flex her
by shaggs11 June 16, 2009
8 36
To make a statement. To clearly express yourself. Or to threaten in a verbal way, more so than in a physical way.
Oh you wanna FLEX? O.K., step outside I'll show you what's up!
by Ruz May 09, 2003
29 57
Former lover, present friend.
My flex is helping me move this weekend.
by Kaichester August 28, 2009
35 68
The ability to reason with people on issues instead of always being known for a certain response
Avon Barksdale showed no flex when it came down to dealing with Marlo
by RIP Bodie February 18, 2007
68 102
fatass, loser, a person who is 40 or more lb overweigh and has no life
see that flex over there
by ewy December 18, 2004
3 37
Verb: To flex. To leave a place or area.
This place is boring, lets flex.
Also can be said, Lets bounce, see bounce.
by The Hack April 25, 2003
92 127
smiply put, to roll a blunt
Give me a minute dog, I gotta flex this "L" real quick
by Native Slang March 15, 2008
7 46