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An individual who does not spell their name like most others, rather, has the word for skin in it, making a verb. Flesher may mean several things: 1.One who fleshes things by taking the skin off of them. 2.A butcher. 3.A person who uses their 'flesh/meat' for outstanding sex. Or 4.A person who kicks someone's ass. See also flesh.
1. "See that there inbred? He done be a Flesher. He skins people alive and done eat em he does."
2. The Flesher's market is on the corner of Main and 3rd.
3. "That girl's gonna be so excited when she finds out I'm a Flesher. She'll invite me to her place for sure!"
4. "I wouldn't mess with that guy. He's a Flesher."
by godsflesh55 November 03, 2010