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n. describes the flattening of a woman's large breasts (C-cup or larger) when she lays on her back topless and prepares for insertion.
Jon: Dammmm! shes packing some killer juggs!
Ryan: Oooo yea they are so big round and juicy, like Heinz Hummer's wang!
Dan: you guys are lame, I bet when I go to release the oompa loompas, they gonna look like some nasty Flesh Pancakes!
by RedDan69 January 26, 2011
the large flap of fat and skin which sags down and hangs out over an obese person's pants, often sticking out below the shirt, sometimes drooping below the knees
I wonder if that person has any syrup to go with their flesh pancake.
by rucife May 24, 2011

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