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The opposite of a choad. A penis that is Excessively long and thin.
Ouch! You stabbed my lung with your Fleen.
by Dannyboywoop May 15, 2013
5 2
the number between Nine and Fojar
(see Fojar for more details)
"hey guys, i just bought fleen cans of Kick!"
by dan geering December 17, 2007
41 10
To make another yawn by yawning yourself.
Quick yawning already! You've fleened me three times today!
by forkari November 07, 2011
4 6
Young boy with a crackling pre-pube voice. Prone to fits of dementia, and frequent masturbation with tube socks.
Augh, that little girl sounds like Fleen.
by Fleens Mother AKA The Doorknob October 22, 2003
24 26
A combination word consisting of the act of leaning over for better sound during the fart.
Nice fleen.
Dude, fleen the other way.
Ahhh, c'mon dude, don't fleen me.
by DAFOO January 20, 2005
16 20
That little spot of skin under the nutsack of a transvestite. A delicacy in some regions, namely around the Washington State area.
It's a little known fact that RuPaul has a tattoo on his fleen.
by neelf October 25, 2003
19 24
punk ass bitch with small penis
boy that guy is sure a fleen
by does it really matter? October 22, 2003
17 23