Someone who happens to be full of flaws.
Dude, last night when you drank all those shots. Then hit on that girl and puked on her shirt. Then you got kicked out of the bar by the bouncer . Then we took you home and you pissed yourself in your girlfriend's car...

That was flawsome!
by chuckchucker August 31, 2010
Top Definition
Flawsome. Something that is totally awesome, but not without it's flaws.
Oh dude! That's flawsome!

Yeah, it's flawsome alright, but he shouldn't have jumped off the roof into the pool like that. He could get hurt.

Yeah, Tom got hurt last week doing that.

Totally flaaaawsome.
by Teh Poptart Kid November 30, 2010
Flawsome is one of the word coined by the supermodel, Tyra Banks in their show ANTM (America's Next Top Model) that is used to describe something that is awesome because of its flaws.
Embrace our flaw in our bodies and owning them for they are simply flawsome.
by jennis_amorer July 03, 2014
To be flawless and awesome all at the same time
"I just found 5 bucks, flawsome!"
by Alex Anderson December 28, 2005
Something thats fully sick and awesome, AT THE SAME TIME.

wohhhhh, flawsome car bro.
by coinroller August 03, 2007
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