Noun. A session of defication in which the toilet paper comes back clean after the first wipe.
Dude, I just had a flawless victory; now I don't have to shower.
by Samwitns November 15, 2009

An expression frequently employed by IRC chatters and message board posters as an appraisal of a particularly apt or acute rejoinder - the winning move in a war of words.
H4x0r J03: "LOLR0FL DUD3Z U WRI73 F4NFICZ??!!11!! 0MFGROFL!!!!1!! TH47 I5 3NUF T0 M4K3Z YU0 4LL T3H 0T4KU F4NB0I L4M3RZ!!!"
Mark: "Not like your fifty gigabyte collection of pirated DBZ mpegs huh?"
Dave: "Flawless victory!"
by Joshua B. Wright April 10, 2004
The act of getting thousands of people to read your shitty definition.
I've never been laid and I don't have any friends, but this Flawless victory has given me a raging boner.
by charliemcc June 21, 2005
killing someone without getting caught
yo that nigga was a flawless victory
by nesta bob June 21, 2005
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