To front about everything whether or not you have to or you don't(2)To lie about something or on someone when your suppose to be down and real(3) and its usually a really self centerd person who doesn't want to either face reality,get in trouble,or be what they think is the bad one (Flawda term 954-772)
Man you flaw ass all get out cuz you talk bout dude behind his back but when you in his face its a whole nother story
by Alex'Andra May 26, 2008
Acronym: Fat Lazy Army Wives
Everywhere I look around post, all see are FLAWs.
by Squelch2k February 13, 2005
Messed Up, Wronq, Stupid, Uqly. Anythinq that has to do with beinq messed up or bad. Boys mainly say it to quys.
Girl Yo ass just flaw.
Really thats just flaw.
by pompanobizatch! February 13, 2009
Kate Lamothe
Kate Lamoth is flaw.
by Maxwellisghey November 30, 2010
A person who isn't looking good or is a trick.
Nigga you flaw!

That nigga ain't shit he a flawing mothafucka.
by bitch az nigga May 21, 2008
Lame or something of error
Kenneth lay was a flaw ass nigga.
by manasia March 06, 2003
unsavory, incorrect, ugly
Man that dude is so flaw.
by Real Deal October 14, 2003

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