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The act of killing someone or using force to hurt somone badly.
Bitch, Do you want flatlined!
by MJC612 April 24, 2009
7 1
When ones cell phone has no signal at all and the cell phone shows no bars.
On some cell phones it comes up as a flat line instead of bars or an x.
May be used as Flatline, Flatlined, or Flatlining to describe having no cell reception.
Ex. 1

Dude 1: Dude, Where is this party?
Dude 2: Idk, call Sarah.
Dude 1: I can't I'm Flatlining.

Ex. 2

Girl: Why the hell didn't you call me back last night?
Boy: Sorry babe, I had a Flatline.

Ex. 3

Dude 1: Anyone have cell reception?
Dude 2: Naw, I'm Flatining.
Dude 3: I'm Flatlined too.
Dude 4: Got a Flatline.
by Lead Fist June 30, 2010
11 0
Being so drunk that you blackout and can't recall a long period (an hour or more) from the previous evening.
I must have been flatlined last night, cause I don't remember stretching my scrotum skin in front of your parents.
by Chris Johnson February 19, 2004
13 7
The non-activity that one receives when he/she is being rejected.
Megan couldn't understand why Rich flatlined her - she began to wonder if it was because of all the junk in her trunk.
by Snocap September 20, 2006
6 4