A fat woman with no breasts
guy 1:Omg why cant i score tonight
guy 2:Are you not getting owt?
guy 1:Only flat irons
guy 2: Ouchhhh
by Dougsey June 07, 2009
Top Definition
Brown noser,suck ass,salad tosser,one upper
Flattirons tossed jmmy salad at the drive in movie last night. Flatirons is such a suck up.
by cpt fancy pants July 24, 2008
When a large size person wants to have sex with a skinny person.
I wanna flat iron you tonite!
by Veronica Lugo May 17, 2008
A terrible istrument consisting of two hot metal plates. Used to burn and straighten teenage girls hair, by means of taking not pin-straight hair and pressing and holding it between aforementioned hot metal plates. A favorite among the the 13-18 year old age group. Occasionally used on sexually confused young men.
Can have awful results if you don't do it exactly right. For the teenage girl who thinks that curly hair is "OmiGod! Like sooo uncool!!!"
curly-haired girl : OMG!! Jessica, do you think all the cool kids will like me if I but this $80 flat iron???
Jessica: OMG!! Yes, because curly hair is so 90's!!
by yourmomma February 26, 2005
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