Slang for 'half flaccid penis' or 'incredibly small and useless penis'. This is said to originated with the Tourette's Guy.
You Have a flat tire.
by misterissues June 11, 2009
Anything useless, pointless, or something making your job more complicated than it needs to be.
This chink on our basketball team is such a flat tire.
by Drew559 August 09, 2010
A sex act where the male intentionally loses his erection.
I totally gave this chick a flat tire last night. She was pissed, but at least it wasn't a blow out.
by Josh Hug December 04, 2009
When a person walks with a limp due to having a shorter leg than the other leg.
That dude is a flat tire he walks like a fucking dumbass!!
by EdwardBerry November 25, 2007
A person who is boring, a downer.
His date was such a flat tire that he snuck out the back door and ditched her at the restaurant.
by Libertine October 01, 2005
Hand in Texas Hold'em, a jack-four. Derived from:

Q: What's a jack for?
A: A flat tire
I have a really crappy hand that I shouldn't be playing, but it has a clever name. I love flat tires.
by bs February 14, 2005
when a girl sits down and her stomach's rolls look like a flat tire
damn look at that fat bitch's flat tire!
by Tin January 26, 2004
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