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1. When you are trying to score with a girl and fail. Your "wheel" was unsuccessful and thus you got a flat tire

2. When you are notoriously bad at picking up women you have flat tires
1. Johnny was trying to nail that broad but he got a flat tire and went home and watched Conan

2. Johnny struck out again? That guy has flat tires!
by ScampyJoe April 21, 2006
The act of receiving a rim job while driving. Antonym: Road dome.
Stacy's mom helped me with my flat tire... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmgood
by Masterboneme June 17, 2014
Getting an elbow in the testicles during a pit stop gone wrong.
I was getting the best pit stop from this girl when she accidentally gave me a flat tire.
by TheMasterOfBates April 16, 2011
Stepping on the back of someone's shoe so that they have to put it back on. When I moved to Los Angeles peaople were calling this a "wedgie," but that's plain wrong! A wedgie involves whitey-tidies and a display of upward force.
That bastard gave the blind guy a wedgie during a fire drill.
by Fred the nerd February 04, 2004
when you punch a person in their breast implants so hard that they burst, thus giving their chest the appearance of a flat tire.
I accidentally elbowed her in the left tit and now she has got a flat tire
by jermlova March 03, 2011
In a chick fight when one girl steps on the other girls foot and punches her in the chest really hard.
The flat tire is the best way to win at Foxy Boxing.
by ASS-assin August 29, 2009

Slang for 'half flaccid penis' or 'incredibly small and useless penis'. This is said to originated with the Tourette's Guy.
You Have a flat tire.
by misterissues June 11, 2009
Anything useless, pointless, or something making your job more complicated than it needs to be.
This chink on our basketball team is such a flat tire.
by Drew559 August 09, 2010