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A disease many motorists using the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn and Queens, exhibit, affecting everyone around them. Many people who are afflicted with Flat Earth Syndrome may not know they are infected. It is the cause of most traffic delays and accidents on this Road way. Flat earth syndrome bears its ugly face predominately on the Belt Parkway. A person affected by flat earth syndrome will begin to slow his or her vehicle as he or she approaches an overpass. The deceleration of the vehicle to ridiculously low speeds continues til one reaches a point on the overpass (the highest point on the overpass) that permits one to see the roadway continues and that the individual motorist is not going to fall off the face of the Earth, acceleration is than engaged but the effects of this bout is felt by motorists behind and sometimes can become contagious. This disease masks its self as "a cautious motorist" but it is just the effect of an insidious illness that affects thousands. This disease is unfortunately more acutely felt on the Belt Parkway due to the large number of overpasses, bridges, and inclines.
belt parkway traffic brooklyn queens flat earth syndrome bad drivers rubbernecking stupid drivers
by Fish-on-the-hill May 14, 2011
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