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Flat white is commonly used among sexually active teenagers, it means 'cum in the eye' where a male ejaculates into a partners eye.
"Gave my girlfriend her first flat white last night , she loved it"

"im in the mood for a flat white tonight baby"
by x_x_moon_x_x November 18, 2011
noun -

1: A type of coffee beverage that originated in Austrailia

2: A white chick with very small tits*

Note: This is not a legitimate definition for it, but it's something that I made up that I thought made sense.
1: G-day, Mate! You wanna Flat White?

2: Dude One - Dude, what's your gf like?

Dude Two - She's fine, but she is a flat white.

2: Dude A - Dude, is the strip club you go to legit?

Dude B - Nah, It's full of flat whites who can't even dance.
by definecancer57 June 11, 2016
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