Getting an elbow in the testicles during a pit stop gone wrong.
I was getting the best pit stop from this girl when she accidentally gave me a flat tire.
by TheMasterOfBates April 16, 2011
Top Definition
When you step on the back of someone's shoe to make it come off, or make them trip.
When I gave him a flat tire, everyone laughed.

Give that bitch a flat tire, I hate her.
by Dominick January 14, 2004
when a girl tries to give a man a blowjob, but the man stays fully un-erect
She tried to give him a blow job, but got the old flat tire!
by $heepstain November 07, 2012
A prank where you step on the back of somebody's shoe and make it fall off.

1. Sandals. It is difficult to flat-tire a sandal, so a different strategy must be used. One way is to kick the sandal out. Occasionally, for fat, loose sandals, the normal method for flat-tiring works.
2. Boots. It is practically impossible to flat-tire an Ugg boot, so what you do is keep stepping on the shoe until it breaks, then they have to get new ones & you can flat-tire those.
3. Backpacks. When you flat-tire someone for quite a while, they become aware of you, but you've got another trick up your sleeve! Pretend to flat-tire that person, they'll dodge their shoe. At that time pull the back of their backpack & everything falls out.
I flat tired this kid and we started playing monkey in the middle with his shoe.
by vv007!!! May 21, 2008
the act of pulling your testical to the top of your sack, while holding in between your thumb and index finger the loose skin of your scrotum. Then pump your member and slowly release a testical of your choosing out into the loose skin giving the appearance of a tire being pumped up with air.
MUST HAVE A LOOSEY GOOSEY SCROTUM TO PERFORM THE FLAT TIRE. Otherwise injury and embarassment may occur.
My balls are loose, and it's time to pump my flat tire!
by taylor j. February 23, 2008
a girl's boob that is smaller than the other one
"Do you think Lisa's flat tire is even an a-cup?"
by tracy99887 December 09, 2007
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