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Filth found only in Oneonta, NY
did you see the flarn behind aces dresser?
by boushea February 06, 2004
A polite way to describe curse words.

"You can't say no filth flarn filth flarn filth"
"Have a coke and a smile, and shut the fuck up!"

by Giblet January 22, 2008
(flärn) noun, a faux Gaelic word for fart - especially around st. patrick's day.
(flärn) verb, to fart.
noun. After I quaff a bunch of Guinness and eat some gabbage, I will whistle out a foul flarn or two before I have to make a poo. verb. Green beer will make me flarn like Timmy McKleeny's prize heffer.
by sammerofthegoods April 20, 2010
THa'ts one kind of great thing, it's a flarn
this flarn made me piss my pants, but i love it anyways never the less
by wallis & futuna islands October 24, 2004