Jacking off onto pancakes and then eating it
"What did you have for breakfast, Jimmy?"

"I did a little flap jacking"

by Dirty dirty girl December 31, 2006
Top Definition
A male with an erection, lies on his back while a second erect male inserts the penis of the first into his anus then lies back. A third male inserts the penis of the second into his anus and lies back forming a stack. A three man stack is known as a short stack, A stack of four or more is known as a full stack. Full stacking has the added benefit of asphyxiating the bottom participants. The flapjacking experience can be enhanced by using maple syrup as lube and having each participant massage the balls of the person above.
Mark, Mike, Jason and Joel were planning a full stack flapjacking session last night but Joel didn't show, so the three had to make do with a short stack.
by crankbait July 27, 2012
"flapjacking!" (v.) - to engage in sexual interaction with another. (2) Usually follows cupcaking and/or cheesecaking.
I was flapjacking all night long with this FINE ass girl named mahlet!
by Mahlet, Sable December 06, 2006
Motorboating a girls ass.
That girls ass was so round and fat that I was flapjacking that shit all night long!!
by jjstl April 27, 2010
The act of flipping a womans breast up, accompanied by the word "Flap!", then slapping the breast sideways while saying "Jack!".
I saw Albert flapjacking this bitch on tape, and I could see the shockwave in slow motion.
by Doodwashere October 11, 2008
The female version of tea bagging.
What is it called when a girl tea bags someone? It's called flap jacking!
by Chucksama November 14, 2013
To repeatedly flap from your belly to your back, while being naked in bed.
Jones: Do you know what Flapjacking is, in your bed?
Diesel: I don't wanna know.
by flyinghorses January 03, 2011
to roll down the windows of your car and let your boobs hang out and flap in the wind.
emma was flapjacking last night.
by ashannah March 03, 2010

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