- a term that can describe the sexual act or a collective of women.

or - to be tired or drunk.
, well? did you flange her then? - did you give her the old 'in out, in out'?

, you should have seen the flange! - you should have seen the quality of females!

, i seem to be suffering from flangular fever! - i am horny!

i'm totally flanged! - i'm tired and/or blootered
by jan gadge August 16, 2004
To speak wildly, incoherently. Generally done in situations of extreme stress and discomfort.
When I found out that my girlfriend had been cheating on me with another girl, I started to flange. My friend had to hit me to get me to be quiet.
by Rude Irish Rebel October 18, 2005
The nickname of a beautiful and tasteful young lady, Angela.
Hey Ang, do you mind if I call you Flange?
by fLaNgE ! ! ! April 20, 2005
The flaps of skin beneath a turkey's head
nice flange you hot turkey!
by Anonymous August 12, 2003
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