1)a vagina
2)a person who is an uninteresting conversationalist
1) My god if that girls skirt were any shorter you would be able to see her flange!
2) God I hate Joe he talks a load of flange!
by Beth and Emily February 16, 2006
The round end piece on a bmx or bicyle grip.

The grip goes onto the handle bars and the end closest to the breaks is called the "Flange"

It usualy consists of a ribbed set of circles
"Hey man they are some big-ass Flanges on your Grips"
"Thaks man i had them custom made"
by LBL_Productions August 04, 2006
the most sensative of all genitles in a womans anatomy. also called vagina, fanny, pussy and universal love hole.
i stuck my penis in my bitches universal love hole.
by andrew tedder February 05, 2004
a word for a females anatomy or for any random slime you cant describe
what and ugly flange

dude, what flange is that on the floor?
by dominic henry June 03, 2005
often used to describe a lady's front bottom; vagina or pish flaps. This term originates in Broxburn
I can smell your meaty flange ya bass
by Louise February 16, 2005
the part that sits just above a patients lip, on nasel specs, when giving oxygen therapy
make sure the flange is on his lip
by kt whee October 27, 2004
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