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Sweaty Flange - a smelly vagina!
my flange is real sweaty - you probably don't want to go down there right now!
by Mark Moore October 20, 2003
(i) The vagina when food has been lodged inside. usually done to invoke sexual desire.

(ii) However, can also be used as an Adjective or an offensive (iii) verb.

(There are many variations of the word.)

(i)"yeah, then i fucked her when she was flanged/ flanged-up/ flangin/ flangtastic."

(ii)"have you played that new game recently its flangin'"

(iii)"im gonna fucking flange you"

by Dr. S Yates March 31, 2008
1. An unsightly Vagina,with anything like excess skin.
2. A joint in metal work.
3. A tool for making a flange ^see above^.
1. "That flange is about to blow!"
2. "The train rails are suitably flanged now!"
3. Come on dave, le's grab the flanges and get to work!"
by Xavador March 15, 2007
a way to describe attractive females.
'lets go out tonight and pull some flange'
by Urban Dub July 12, 2006
originally used to be used for a vagina however is now being used in everyday language...mainly as unknown answers to questions.
1.'What are you up to today?'
'Oh right I see'
2. What is the capital of poland?'
by chuff March 31, 2005
it is usually used when somebody does something stupid and is alot like the saying complete and utter idiot
guy: the backstreet boys are soo cool

other guy: no they arnt you flange they are completely and utterly gay
by richard whittaker November 28, 2005
a front bum (vagina)
sometimes sweaty or smelly
wats that funny smell, dear close your legs immeaditaly i can smell your flange!
by will 14.35 November 28, 2005