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One of the more dangerous S&M acts, this is when one (traditionally male) pours a small amount of lighter fluid, gasoline, butane, or any other flammable liquid on their sexual partner's (traditionally female) private parts, lights it on fire, and then proceeds to engage in sexual intercourse in order to extinguish the fire before lasting damage is done. NOTE: The Flaming Ashton is dangerous, usually painful, and can cause permanent scarring if performed improperly.
Friend 1: "Did you hear about Roger? He had a one night stand with a really kinky girl and she had him perform a Flaming Ashton on her!"
Friend 2: "Dude is he dumb or does he just like pain? Flaming Aston's are super dangerous and should not ever be preformed by anyone."
Friend 1: "Don't be a pussy. They're both fine. Although Roger has been walking kinda funny lately..."
by compubrains27 December 06, 2009
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